5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022

In order to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of business, you need to take advantage of digital marketing tactics even more so in the hospitality industry today. With our top 5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022, we look at some key actions that can drive your business further in 2022, while  understanding the challenges being faced by hoteliers not only in regards to time, but staffing and also constrained budgets. So considering the real issues being faced by the hoteliers today here is a great starting board of the key Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Actions
To Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022

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Number one on our top 5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022, is to focus on video content. If you still just relying on pictures you are already behind the game. Video content is driving the internet today and should be driving your customers to book. Video is immersive, real, and can convay emotion and share the experience at your hotel far better than any picture can. Video content can also be used in multiple channels to drive your returns, from social media, your website, advertising, and even in rich messages to your guests.

The investment might be one on the higher side, but the potential payoff can be high too if you manage and use video correctly. Remember, your not making a Hollywood production, and the retention rate is typically low, despite it being a powerful medium. So short sharp videos are the key, 15 seconds. It’s worth consider do to a video shoot that allows you to chop and change your videos around so you can make many short videos out of a longer one. According to Cisco, by 2021, the video will account for 82% of all internet traffic,



Some great examples of videos optimised for social media distribution. 


At Boxed Up Solutions, quality video content it’s our number one recommendation when looking at any advertising, or posting of page content on Social Media purely due to the difference in performance and results. We have a studio team that can edit your existing videos into the right format or work to create a video library for your business at a cost-effective price. Want to discover more about how video can help drive your business, speak to our team today!



If you have a website, then you need to ensure it’s fully optimised for search, especially given the investment that would have been made in building a quality website. We have seen time and time again, that hoteliers invest significantly into websites (even over-invest) but neglect search engine optimistion, which is the real high payoff activity online you can leverage on a website.

Search is a key part of the consumer discovery process and if you’re not visible, then you’re losing out on business. Make sure to take the time to understand your website’s analytics and have quality content that people want to see, that is informative and useful for your business.

Unfortunately search done right needs a specialized team to manage to keep up with changes, not only in keyword volume and search trends but updates from search engines. It a complex and far more than just keywords in your content, but the benefits are potentially huge.

When we look at our clients that we work with, one of the first things we always want to look at is search performance on the site and its contribution to the overall traffic. We see time and time again the key payoff of a well-optimized site, for hotels, restaurants even bakeries in driving business and conversation.

If you considering at looking at driving your search, Boxed up Solutions has multiple packages that are cost-effective that can really drive your business both in Brand Name and generic search. Talk to one of our search specialists today.



Make sure you have a strong online social media presence, on platforms that can work for your business without stretching your resources or budget. We have seen time and time again, that hoteliers try to stretch themselves over so many platforms, especially new and what is perceived as ‘trending’ platforms that they neglected or don’t manage performing platforms right to drive their business loosing opportunity.

Focus energy on two platforms and get it right before venturing onto new platforms, as there is more oppouirnty to lose than gain typically. Facebook is tried and trusted, but also has many many different functions that can drive your business beyond just a simple post on your timeline. Stories, paid content and messaging are just some of the features to utilize.

Instagram is also potentially a great way to really show the experience of your hotel, feature user-generated content, and more focus on pictures and video. Like Facebook, Instagram has many layers suited for different things, from timeline grid posting to stories, to reals. Maximising your your efforts on this can really help drive opportunity.

5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022

Choose the right social platforms that match your resources, and  where you can drive business and do it well, as apposed to being on every platform and doing it poorly.


Today social media management is specialised job requiring the expertise ofspecialised to develop a strategy and drive online to complement your other marketing channels. If you need help with your strategy or require a full turnkey outsourced solution, then Boxed Up Solutions has the answer for you. Speak to one of our Social Specialists today to find out more.



5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022Number four in our Top 5 Digital Marketing Actions To Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022 is leverage on chat applications. The trend is that more and more people are using chat applications as their main source of communication. And this trend is only going to grow. So what does this mean for your business?

Well, if you’re not already on chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE or many others then you are being left behind. The issue with these applications is depending on the region of your customer will depend on what chat application they typically use. For example, LINE is the primary chat client in Thailand but not in the USA. Telegram is popular in Europe and some Asian countries like Cambodia. Typically hotels simply can’t manage or afford to drive all the solutions, so the option is to drive the one with the majority overview – Facebook Messenger.

With Facebook Messenger, it integrates into your Facebook page, as well as options for website and other solutions, so it can cover many leavers. However, the next issue most hotels run into is the ability is to answer the messages promptly. If you’re not answering in under 2 minutes, then you likely lost the booking. Think of it as the phone ringing and you don’t answer!

As user behaviour changes post pandemic, and travel resumes, we see the further growth of this channel, from more than just chat to a direct booking channel. Already we see in multiple countries though out Asia, direct messages driving significant domestic bookings for hotels, and see this trend growing.

At Boxed Up Solutions, we have a specifically designed chatbot solution that can take away a lot of this headache, with instant answers, and the running of an AI in the background to allow it to grow over time. Our chatbot is specific to your property and answers general questions, drive users to booking paths or restaurant reservations 24/4. Best of all it’s not as expensive as you may think. If your looking for a chat solution then this is a great option for you! Find out more here.



Manage you’re Google My Business Correctly! Don’t underestimate the value of Google My Business for your hotel, restaurants, bars, spas, or any part of your business.

Make sure your business is represented accurately and take advantage of the features that Google My Business offers, such as posts, photos, videos, and special promotions. Also, be sure to respond to reviews – both positive and negative – in a timely manner. Google My Business is a powerful tool that can help you attract new guests and grow your business – so make sure you’re using it to its full potential! Best of all Google My Business is linked to meta search for accommodation, and if you are on the connected platform, then your rates are instantly shown. Best of all, Google My Business is free!

If you need help with the set-up or management of Google My Business then contact our teams today!

There you have it – our top 5 Digital Marketing Actions To Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022. Digital Marketing is vital for the growth of any business, but this is especially true in the hospitality industry. In 2022 and beyond, those who embrace digital marketing further then basic Social Meida posts and poorly managed websites will reap the rewards while those who don’t will fall behind, scratching their heads wondering why they are loosing to OLTAs, or their competition as new updates and solutions continue to grow and dominant.

Many of the actions suggested in the top 5 Digital Marketing Actions To Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022  have limited or no investment to manage at the hotel level, but if you need support or guidance, or simply want a team of experts to drive your Hotel’s Digital Marketing further, then the team at Boxed Up Solutions would be happy to arrange a free no-obligation online review to customise a solutions for you.


It’s not a direct digital action in regards to marketing, but its a key influence and goes hand in hand into the success of your digital performance. This being your revenue management, and more over rate parity in the the market.  This is once thing we have seen multiple times

If you have this wrong, then no amount of help or tools in digital marketing will help you drive direct channels to mitigate your cost of distribution or build your customer loyalty to book with you directly.  Just like many aspects of digital marketing, revenue management, channel distribution and rate parity can be a complex thing to deal with.  More over there are many systems in the market that are just out of reach for small to medium hotels.

With this in mind, REVM8 is as tool that offers a cost effective solution for small to medium hotels or motels not only to manage your rates and drive your RevPAR, but also offers a cool tool that channels shops to check your Rate Parity Comparison, and hi-lights accordingly so you can take action, it also fully integrates into SEEKOM and STAAH platforms, which many small and medium motels and hotel use day today.  If you looking for a cost effective revenue management system then check it out here.

rate parity software

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5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Hotel Business in 2022

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